National Parole Board

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R. v. K. - 2008

Mr. K. is subject to a Long-Term Supervision Order, given his many convictions for sexual crimes against children. He was re-incarcerated after his parole supervisor alleged he was lingering in an area "adjacent to a playground". After three months in custody, I demonstrated to the National Parole Board that the playground was, in fact, several hundred feet away from where it was alleged he was situated. Also, I successfully submitted that Mr. K. is severely near-sighted and cannot see through trees and small hills. The Board released him back to his community.

R. v. C. - 2007

Mr. C. was a drug trafficker serving a twenty-eight year sentence for dealing in hundreds of kilograms of cocaine and heroin. He faced old age and death behind bars. In the months leading up to his parole hearing, I attacked every negative allegation about him by prison authorities, in and out of court. I crafted a viable day parole plan and worked co-operatively with his parole officer and his wife. At his hearing I aggressively discredited the negative theories about him, and he was granted day parole in 2007.

R. v. M. - 2007

Mr. M. was serving a life sentence in a medium security prison for attempted murder and rape. After twenty-seven years in prison, I represented him before the Board by suggesting, with the help of trial transcripts, that he was innocent of the crimes of which he was convicted. I also vigorously attacked the credibility of the correctional staff's management and analysis of his case, with reference to verifiable facts. He was released on day parole in 2007, a free man with his dignity intact.

R. v. V. - 2004

Mr. V. was convicted of the vicious rape of his five year-old daughter. After interviewing him several times, I was convinced that he was innocent. Although he refused any treatment in prison, and he had no support from any correctional staff, the NPB released him on full parole after I argued (with reference to trial transcripts) that there were serious flaws in the evidence against him.