Criminal Defence


R. v. D. - 2007

Mr. D. was a federal inmate charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking 60 grams of cocaine. The Federal Prosecutor was seeking twelve to eighteen months on a guilty plea, and an Ontario Court Judge indicated in a pre-trial conference that nine to twelve months was a likely sentence. After months of negotiation, and with the help of both prison staff and police, I successfully argued the defence of duress, and all charges were stayed.

R. v. E. - 2007

Mr. E. was a repeat sex offender having served sixteen years for five rapes committed over a twenty-five year period. In 2006, he was charged with two more. The Crown Attorney was seeking a dangerous offender designation. During months of pre-trial negotiations, I successfully argued that:

The result was two five year sentences and a realistic chance for Mr. E.'s parole in just three years.

R. v. C. - 2006

Mr. C. was charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking a large quantity of marijuana. At a Judicial Pre-Trial, a Judge recommended that he plead guilty and face thirty days in jail. I challenged the legality of the search, and twelve months after he was charged, all charges were withdrawn by the Prosecutor.

R. v. D. - 2005

Mr. D. was an inmate in a medium security prison. He was a career thief with a long record of non-violent offences. He was mere days away from his release when he was charged with sexual assault with a weapon on another inmate. Not only did I secure his bail pending trial, but after nearly nine months of pre-trial negotiations, the Crown Attorney withdrew all of the charges against him.

Supreme Court